Jadwiga Janda is a gorgeous 30-year-old Polish Radio broadcaster who for years has led a double life.  Recruited by Russian military intelligence to seduce men for their secrets, she is sent to Washington, D.C. to learn about U.S. plans to counter Russian military moves in the Baltic States and Ukraine. Her target is an American diplomat who may have knowledge of these plans. But unknown to Jadwiga, he is no diplomat. He is CIA agent who is working with the FBI to investigate her. When she learns about a Russian plan to use Hezbollah operatives to conduct terror attacks in Washington, she has to choose between betraying her Russian GRU handler or cooperating with the FBI. Unknown to the FBI, the CIA, and the GRU, Jadwiga has had another agenda all along.  Princess of Poland is available at

 DEA agent Wayne Kincaid embarks on a narcotics investigation that leads him from Los Angeles to Argentina, where he learns that Iran and its Hezbollah agents have joined forces with North Korea to unleash a diabolical attack on America. Iran and North Korea are stalling for time as they build their nuclear weapons arsenals. They engage in political talks to placate the West while they export drugs and terrorism to their common enemy, the only country willing to stand up to them: America. Posing as a money launderer, Kincaid earns the confidence of a beautiful but deadly Iranian intelligence agent who lives in Buenos Aires and is a liaison to Hezbollah. On the verge of infiltrating the Hezbollah network in Latin America, Kincaid has to avoid the US ambassador, a naïve political appointee whose orders to come to the embassy in Buenos Aires threaten to blow Kincaid’s cover. Kincaid disobeys the ambassador, putting his career in jeopardy. A former Green Beret who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Kincaid goes off the grid with the help of an Argentine intelligence officer. They uncover a plot that, if successful, would result in the devastation of several US cities and ignite World War III. The Nexus is available as a Kindle e-book or in paperback on

Iraq war veteran and DEA agent Wayne Kincaid is going undercover. The assignment–infiltrate a dangerous biker gang with Mexican drug cartel connections. But, the mission takes a drastic turn when he discovers a twisted plot that has devastating, global consequences. Deep into the investigation, Kincaid crosses paths with an old enemy in an unlikely place. An al-Qaeda leader whom he captured in Iraq is smuggling weapons and al-Qaeda operatives into the United States. Kincaid uncovers their more sinister plan to bomb Los Alamos. Before he can expose the threat, his cover is blown and he’s captured by al-Qaeda. Will Kincaid’s Special Forces training be enough to prevent an act of terrorism? Indian Country is available as a Kindle ebook or in paperback on  Also at Barnes & Noble.